The American Tour

$ 800.00

Artist: Mark Wilson

The American Tour

Technic: Mixed Media on Canvas.

Size:  36 x 48 Inches

          91 x 122 cm

Description - This painting was a direct reflection  of the American experience  for a black person. The body is dismantled to show the different  forms of harm that America has cause to the Black person. Sitting in the chair reflecting on the humbling experience  of still showing compassion for those around. The Bible and projection of the face represent  that many Black Americans are Christians. This is hard to understand for many because  of the introduction to the faith through slavery. The head being placed in front of the blue palette to  represent it diving into the water. Baptism is a call for you to rid yourself  of your old and be born again. Which again explains the body looking torn apart its of this world the head is searching for new light in Christ. This was painted with intention to express.