La Estrella y el Escudo

$ 15,000.00

Artist: Leonardo Pablo

Serie: Installation

La Estrella y el Escudo

Technic: Recycled wood

Size:  39 x 39 inches

          100 x 100 cm

This work goes about political and social critique. Its an Art Installation, reproducing both sizes of the Cuban one peso coin made with recycled wood. The symbolism is a reminder from the USSR influence and the Communism, this shape of star is a Soviet Icon and the other one is the Cuban National Emblem.

The materials and the trough assembled, trying to create impact and expressive force, at the same time, means the destruction and decadence of an entire country for 60 years of Communist Regimen. The 1987 is my year of birth. The words "Patria o Muerte" (Homeland or Death") are the Communist Party National Slogan writes on the coin, but the work criticized that as a Imposed National Doctrine, something that you must to learn to sense when you're a little kid.