Svetla Popova


I am an Experimental and Innovations Designer working in the spheres of 3D, visual design, CGI and VR/AR tools building (concept stage). I am also an ARB/RIBA Part 2 graduate looking for placement in a small-to-medium-sized design practice in the USA, Germany, Scandinavia or Japan, which supports professional architectural licensing. Educated in prestigious USA Vassar college, followed by a Diploma in Architecture by renowned Mackintosh School of Architecture, I have had extensive professional training in the US, UK & EU over the past 20 years in liberal arts, digital design, interior, architecture and curating. Preferred scope of work: experimental design & innovation in VR, UI, 3D modeling, parametric design and bionics; small and medium-scale residential/interior with an environmental and computational emphasis; scientific research. I am also open to cultural, educational and community projects, and engineering, product design, furniture & exhibition opportunities. At present, I am undergoing research in Machine Learning, bionics and VR content creation in how they relate to design thinking and form generation. I am skilled in both MAC/Windows and a variety of software: AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, 3Ds Max, VRay & Adobe CS – currently learning game design and Unity, Houdini and ZBrush. Also an ARB/RIBA Part 3 Professional Diploma in Architecture candidate at the Architectural Association in London. Currently looking for remote visual design opportunities.