Mark Wilson

Mark would describe his process/art as direct story telling of the spirit created both subconsciously and consciously. Mark Wilson is a self taught Black artist. Internalization of recent experiences, thoughts, mood, and instinct are used to decide process of creation and the method used from basis of self-taught skill set.  

Community Involvement.  

I would like to first say my community involvement starts with representing myself as a Black Christian man. Personal belief is that when people that look like  me get an opportunity like this other Black children need to be aware. Allowing access to my studio and hosting art talks are something that I can allow on the daily. Also I would like to start an effort for a donation for the BLM movement depending on the immediate need in the area. Being a former college football player I would love to speak to the those children specifically. I have former teammates in the Florida region everywhere I think it is important for the kids to know that you can be an artist as much as you want to be athlete as well as anything else! 

Thank you!