Jorge Luis Santos



Who would of thought that a self-taught artist would eventually go on to exhibit private collections in countries such as Spain, United States and Italy and to famous personalities such as supermodel Naomi Campbell?


Few can accomplish that feat and Jorge Luis Santos is one of them. He successfully began in abstract painting, exhibiting nationally and internationally in more than a dozen solo and group exhibitions in the last decade. He has received awards in national events such as the Landscape Salon of Quivicán and XIII Territorial Hall of Plastic Arts "Eduardo Abela" of San Antonio de Los Baños and in international events such as the Forum of Art of Harvard University.


Santos’ unique style can be described as lyrical expressionism, gestural art, concrete art, and informalism. He is always exploring various material possibilities by incorporating words, numbers, sand, wood, fabric scraps and remnants of magazines in his pieces. Generally using ocher, black, gray, sienna, white, red colors leading to greater compositional rigor.