Den Marino


Den Marino (creative pseudonym of Denis Porvatkin) a resident of New York City, was born in 1978 in Russia and grew up in the industrial city of Yekaterinburg. His parents were military builders constantly moving from one top-secret Soviet city to another to take part in monumental industrial projects. This informs the artist in his work at the intersection of photography and installation. He seeks to build worlds, consisting of elements surrounding the industrial reality.

The basis of the series of works “BeTwin: New York & Tibet” (2014) is a period when the photographer was working with imagery of Tibet and New York - two poles of diametrically opposed cultures, two types of natural and urban landscapes symbolizing spirituality and material things. Den explores the identity of culture and of cities, looking to the future of urbanization when residents of large cities seek to move to small towns. All the while maintaining the benefits of metropolitan living through technology, accessing music, art, libraries, and knowledge in their homes.

 The industrial photo series presented at the "Art -Zavod"exhibitions in his native Yekaterinburg, and then at the Scope Art Fair in New York and at the international Art Basel fair in Miami Beach (USA), as well as Brabant Biennale in Holland, brought him international recognition.




Selected Exhibition

June 2015 - “Architecture and spaces. Tibet - New York” Solo exhibition,  (Latvia)  

March 2015 - “Industriality” Russian Pavilion, Gallery OneArtSpace  (New York)  

December 2014 - “Indra”Russian Pavilion,  Miami Art Basel Week

May 2014 - “Industriality", Gallery EDT (New York)

May 2014 - “Terminator Factory”, Russian Pavilion,  Gallery Erarta  (New York)

March 2014 - “Industrial”,  WALLPLAY Gallery (New York)

December 2013 - Russian Pavilion, Miami Art Basel Week

October 2012 - “Industrial Animals” , Biennale of Brabant in the Netherlands

February 2011 - Publication and presentation of the book "Industrial Animal”, Ekaterinburg

August 2009 - "Transforming the waves” and “The Egg” installations, Art Factor International Festival.

March 2009 –  “Clouds” video,  SCOPE Art Fair,  New York

December 2009 - “Techno style” , Krasnoyarsk

December 2008 - “In transition Russia 2008” International Cross-disciplinary Art Fair, Moscow

December 2008 - “Clouds”, “Astral connections” screening during «Video Night» project, IV Festival of modern art «Prank», Petrozavodsk

August 2008 – Festival-laboratory «Art-Factory», Russian-French project, Yekaterinburg  Со-curator, artist («Mushrooms», «Dambas»)

May 2007 – “Civilized violence”, Yekaterinburg


Den Marino