Bismah Hayat

Name: Bismah Hayat 

Contact Address: House no. E-164, Momin Lane, Street no. 7, Cavalry Ground Extension, Lahore 

E-mail address: 

Contact Number: +923204101768 


Artist Biography: Bismah Hayat is a visual artist based in Lahore. She completed her BFA (Printmaking) from National College of Arts, Lahore in 2020.  

She continuously explores innovative techniques and follows a natural flow of research and idea development where she consciously fuses her varied interests of philosophy in the hope of investigating her concerns. 

 She has previously displayed her work at PNCA, Islamabad. Her work has also been a part of “Empowering Pakistan” exhibition held at World Bank, Islamabad.  

Artist Statement: I enjoy working with physical materials. I explore innovative techniques that allow me to go beyond the limits that define printmaking. I enjoy fusing my varied interests of philosophy and playing around with forms/colors, in the hope of investigating my concerns. 

I follow a natural flow of research and idea development, exploring all possible concepts. Through my process, I do stylized renditions of everyday objects and candid compositions to explore the line that separates them from their objectivity and bring them to the point of subjectivity where I further investigate how meaning is created for each individual by allowing them to see, observe, interpret and make decisions based on experience and memories. 

The printmaking technique that I employ is quite playful as each shape and color in the visual has a separate printmaking plate, they are all inked separately and joined back together, something very similar to jigsaw puzzles. 

I take inspiration from children's learning blocks and toys because of their big, colorful and graphic nature and how all of these elements are linked with identification and learning. I use the same elements, however, with an aim to “unlearn” and see things with a new perspective. 

Proposal: My primary aim is to investigate two pseudo-mathematic equations;  

  1. Imagination = An Image = An Archive  
  1. An Object = A Body = A Museum 

These equations anatomize the inherent duality and artificiality in the world and how they further extend themselves into “identity” and then into the establishments (archive and the museum) that study the same “identity”.  

I intend to inquire the nature of an image, an object, the mind, the body, the museum and the archive discussed in these equations, as well as the equations themselves through their calculated linking, dismantling and reassembling. I’ll establish links between these equations and investigate theories that place these at the heart of the establishments mentioned above. To inform my own visual investigation, I’ll research artists based in America and Pakistan who are informed by the archive and the museum as well how artists have subverted the boundaries between object and an image. To further investigate “object” and an “image”, I’ll be heavily focused on the larger cultural context and status of commonplace artefacts and further altar the context within which we view the artefacts. 

I have a real interest in making a positive change in the community through my practice, therefore, I will be actively focused on carrying out different activities among the community while maintaining the investigation since the interest itself brings two different cultures together. The different activities will involve learning innovative techniques together and organizing printmaking/drawing workshops. 

Printmaking and drawing, as an intimate form of personal exploration will be central to my investigation. I’ll explore techniques to undermine my own boundaries of object and an image. Photography/Digital Manipulation will enable me to carry out the transformation necessary to turn objects into images. I will also evaluate my work through constant self-interrogation and daily reflections on my decisions and changes. 






National College of Arts                                                                                        

Lahore, Punjab 

Bachelor of Fine Art (Graduated with Honors)                                                                        Major: Printmaking 


Minors: Performance Art, Sgrafitto and Sculpture in Clay, Art Writing 



Kinnaird College for Women 

Lahore, Punjab 

Intermediate in Faculty of Arts 

Electives: Fine Arts, Modern World History, Geography                                                          




Double Tap, Virtual Exhibition                 


16th Annual Young Artist’s Exhibition, Lahore Arts Council (Alhamra)                 


Empowering Pakistan, World Bank, Islamabad                                                            


16th Emerging Talent Show, VM Art Gallery, Karachi (postponed due to Covid-19)                                                 


Two Person Show at Dalston House, Lahore                                                                 


National College of Arts, Degree Show, Lahore                                                               


We The People We The Arts, Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad                            


WCCI 14th Lifestyle Expo, Expo Centre, Lahore                                                                       


Think Pink, Hladia, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore                                                        



Other Experiences 

Curatorial Assistant at Foundation Art Divvy                                                

2020 – Present 

7-Day Fall Exchange Program with IVS, Karachi                                                                       


Mural Artist for Todd’s Welfare Society, Lahore                                                                        


Performing Artist, Neo-Transitional Mime Society, NCA, Lahore                                             


Mural Artist for “Art on Roads – Phase 1”, Lahore                                                                     


Production Manager, The Skits Society, NCA, Lahore                                                               


Assistant Set Designer, Nautanki Society, NCA, Lahore                                                             


Performing Artist, Najmuddin Dramatics Society, KCW, Lahore                                    

2013 - 2015 

Junior Representative of The Social Work Club, KCW, Lahore                                       

2013 - 2015 

Junior Representative of The Art Club, KCW, Lahore 

2013 - 2015 



Awards and Grants 

NCA Endowment Fund Scholarship                                                                               

2017 - 2019 

Merit Based Stipend – National College of Arts, Lahore                                                                                                       

2017 - 2019 


Other Achievements 

Winner, Think Pink Poster Competition, Chughtai Lab, Lahore                                               


Winner, Annual Art Competition, The Educators, Lahore                                                         


Runner up, Cluster Level Speech Contest, Beaconhouse Headquarters, Lahore                       


Runner up, Cluster Level Speech Contest, ROC, Lahore                                                           



Languages Fluent in English (reading, writing), Fluent in Urdu (reading, writing)