Alberto Lago

To be a professional painter implies a certain attitude towards the world and life. Alberto has firmly believed that representing, questioning or commentating on the Cuban political government makes no sense whatsoever as there is no solution to the problem, not even art. He knows he cannot change the structure nor the things that define the world of this position.
But through art, Alberto feels he is capable of feeling and living the world from the inside while fundamentally focusing on the sear for love, pleasure or happiness. That's why his work is a reflection of all evasion produced from his personal experiences transformed into images that produce beauty and harmony.

Solo Exhibitions / Exposiciones Personales 

2015 "Threshold". Franca Zone. Colateral to the Havana Biennial, San Carlos de la Cabana Fort, Havana, Cuba 

2011 "From Another Star." Carmelo González Gallery, Havana, Cuba 

2010 "Journey to Figueras". Guayasamin Gallery, Havana, Cuba 

2006 "Reality: Chaos and Order." Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba 


Selected Group Exhibitions / Exposiciones Colectivas 

2015 "Skirting the Myth". Villena Hall of the UNEAC. Havana, Cuba 

2014 "Post-it". Contemporary Cuban Art Exhibition. Collage Habana Gallery. Havana.  

2014 "Saltwater". Hispano-American Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba.  

2012 "Daiquiri Without Sugar." Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba 

2012 "Heavy and Happy painters". La Cabaña. Collateral to the XI Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba 

2011 "It is not the Absence". Cuba Pavilion, La Habana. 

2011 "Sin irnos de la Rama". La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba 

2010 "The End of the Bullet." Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba.  

201 "Bomb". Contemporary Art Center Wilfredo Lam. Spores. Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba 

2010 "Intended Painting". ART + Cubeart Association Award. Plaza Cultural House, Havana, Cuba 

2009 "Heracles". Luz y Suarez del Villar Gallery, Madrid, Spain.  

2009 "Over and out". Collateral to the X Havana Biennial. Superior Institute of Art, Havana. 

2008 "Adrenaline". Havana Canal.  

2008 "2/5". Superior Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba 

2007 "1/5". Superior Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba. 

2007 "Built  Situation". Superior Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba 


Awards / Premios 

2011 Award Pittura Internazionale di Sardegna ISOLE-Cuba. First prize. Sardinia, Italy. 

Designed Painting. ART + Cubeart Association Award. Casa de la Cultura Plaza, Havana.   


Collections / Colecciones  

Xanta and Sebastian Collection, The Netherlands. Gilbert Brownstone Foundation, USA.  

Collection Stefano Mazzoni, Italy. 

2009 Heracles. Luz y Suarez del Villar Gallery, Madrid, Spain.