Artem Mirelovich in New York at the Tribeca gallery Solomon Arts!


Hello friends– exciting news! Urbaniza Studio Gallery artist Artem Mirelovich has a solo show in New York at the Tribeca gallery Solomon Arts, opening on  Feb 26.Come and see his work on exhibit! It is located at 83 Leonard Street, NYC 10013.


A true ‘artiste’, Artem utilizes traditional painting, drawing and etching technique to communicate very modern ideas. His work tantalizes the viewer with cities of the imagination.  My career in urban design has exposed me to to many concepts for ideal cities but none as visually enticing as Artem’s visions.

His compositions are complex and detailed and rendered with exacting precision. He invites people to come closer and immerse themselves in the experience.

Sometimes the cities are post-apocalyptic underwater civilizations: he takes you there and makes you ask yourself: is this where we are headed? How am I contributing to the making of this reality?  Check out ‘Hunter’ on our website originals and see it in full glory at the show.

Look at ‘Shell City’ and recall the ending of the film ‘Enders Game’.

The mystical cities are depicted as weightless structures carried on the backs of elephants, who themselves are revered as mystical creatures in some cultures. Look at  ‘Elephant City’, which is part of the ‘Migration’ series at the show.  

The Third Temple is Artem's imagining for an ideal Jerusalem, a city that inspires the passion of three religions.

The work synthesizes so many elements of Artem’s global travels, enriching the viewer with the allusions to various religions, cultures and living environments.  Born in Minsk, Belorussia in the mid 1970s, he emigrated to New York with his family, receiving his BFA in Fine Arts and Illustration from the School of Visual Arts. He has exhibited worldwide: The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia, 2015; ArtCosmos in Barcelona, Spain 2015; Soleil de L’est, Bucharest, Romania, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York, The Russian Pavilion in NYC, Miami and Zurich, The Museum of Russian Art and more.

Artem was awarded a prestigious L Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future award in 2007. His work is collected by private investors world wide. 

Opening Reception: Friday, February 26, 2016  7- 9pm Let us know you are going to receive a special Urbaniza Studio discount: write to

Salomon Arts Gallery
83 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013


Welcome to Urbaniza Studio Gallery : Why art for your space?

Why do I have art in my life?

Because it speaks to me.

Because artists speak for those who have no voice.

An artistic soul sees passion in something ordinary and finds the glorious in the mundane. Art can propel the spirit from despair to excitement in one leap. 

I know there is art in everyone, and I want Urbaniza Studio Gallery to help everyone discover their art, the one that speaks to them or gives them voice, and fills their space with their passion.

We are pleased to work with artists from everywhere: Belarus, Russia, Cuba and Miami, Colombia, Mexico – the list is long. We look forward to continuing to reach out to more talents.

Brooklyn based Russian artist Artem Mirelovich, speaks to environmental awareness, taking us to mystical underwater post-apocalyptic cities.

Miami’s own David Olivera documents the historical moment in transatlantic ocean travel, well researched and meticulously rendered in photorealistic images.

Our Cuban collection represents the discerning eye of Miami collector Charles B Espinosa, formerly of Paris, France, who went on cycling trips to the island throughout a decade. He visited artists from Camaguey to Havana to Pinar del Rio.

Styles range from naïf to abstract expressionism, from cosmic imagery to photorealistic symbolism. Subtle yet powerful, their messages speak of the human condition, the imagery of captivity and the ever powerful emotion of HOPE. 

We look forward to filling your life with art.